We would like to welcome all lovers of beautiful fish from Lake Malawi. The priority of FishMagic is to breed the healthiest and the most beautiful specimens of these fish. For this reason, we follow the principle of selective breeding. Our Customers’ satisfaction from the fish they buy as well as from our professional service is what we value most.
Kind regards,
Jarosław Bogala

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Perfect transaction, totally professional

Perfect transaction, totally professional seller, very beautiful fish, totally recommendable.


Great breeding place, I’ve been

Great breeding place, I’ve been involved in the topic for 20 years as Malawi, and when it comes to Utaka-Aulonocara for a year. I think we’re going to establish contact as I have a 300 l and in it I have Mbuna and Utaka.

Kielce - świętokrzyskie

The fish are beautiful and the breeding impressive

The fish are beautiful and the breeding impressive, I’m planning to buy some fish species.

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