Spirulina 400ml

Diet: herbivorous, omnivorous

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Product Description

Due to great interest in the feed which I give my fish, we have decided to include three more granulated feed types in our offer:
-color enhancing,

Advantages of the feed:
– perfectly enhances all colors,
– has a great effect on the fertility and shape of fish,
– vitamin content protects against illnesses,
– increases fish longevity,
– easy feeding and portioning.

The feed was created especially for African cichlids: Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria. It can also be given to all species of aquarium fish with the same result. While using the feed it is possible to breed fish with different diet preferences in one aquarium, which has so far constituted a challenge. The feeds are appropriate for fish with the size from 3 to 15 cm. For smaller fish it is necessary to grind the feed in manual coffee grinder (adjust grain size first).

You can see the effectiveness of these feeds on our videos and photos. I assure you that when you start using the feeds to feed your fish, you will never want to buy anything else. Abovementioned effects can be obtained exclusively while using both feeds.

The feeds contain highly digestible proteins, so they are appropriate for carnivorous, omnivorous as well as herbivorous fish. The feed was recommended to me by German fish breeders. Granulate dimensions reach 1.2 – 1.5 mm.

If you want your fish to look so beautiful, use exclusively these feeds and in only 10 days you will see enhanced colors and vitality of your fish. Other feeds are not necessary as the offered products contain only the highest quality color enhancing and nutritious ingredients together with a lot of vitamins, which guarantee the best possible diet.

We offer fresh feeds with the expiry date of at least 18 months. The feed is purchased from the manufacturer every 4 months. It is repacked from original collective packaging into ziplock bags. In Western Europe the price of similar feed in original 100 g packaging amounts to ca. 10 euros, while I offer it half price!

Ingredients: Protein  38%, Fat 5%, Crude Fibres 1,6%, Ash 10%, Vitamins and pro-vitamins: A: 10.000 IE/kg, C: 100 mg/kg, D3: 1300 IE/kg, E: 130 mg/kg

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herbivorous, omnivorous